How To Make Money Blogging

Internet and the popularity of social media have brought a lot of changes in people’s life. Of late, blogging has become quite popular and many people are trying to make some money from it. Besides being a great medium to convey your messages about your niche topic, the blogs can be a great way to make some quick money. Though there are many aspiring bloggers out there, not everyone has the idea about how they can make money from it. If you are one of them and want to know more about how to make money by blogging, then you are at the right place.


If you want to start a new blog or a beginner, then you need to know some of the important facts. Before you get into the details about how you can make money by blogging, you have to know how to start blogging. Follow these steps to start your blog:

STEP 1: You have to select a perfect niche for the blog (based on your expertise and knowledge)

STEP 2: Now, you have to choose the right platform for blogging

STEP 3: You need to pick a domain name and a name for the website

STEP 4: You must get a web hosting account for you

STEP 5: Start by creating a blog with desired/relevant theme and design

STEP 6: Write interesting contents using essential keywords

STEP 7: Optimize your blog and share it on social media for promoting it


Now, that you know about how you can start blogging, it is important for you to know how you can make money from it. Of course, if you are putting your time as well as energy on the blogging, you will want some money in return too. But the main question is – how? Here are some of the ways by which you can make money from blogging:


This is the most profitable and the best way to make money while blogging. By a single sale, you can make a lot of money rather than the click baits. This is a passive income stream. This works when you add a tracked affiliating link into your contents of the blog. For example, if you are mentioning about a dress or makeup or anything, you can add an affiliate link to the content. People who are interested will click on that link. If they purchase the product following your link, you will get a part of the sale. Amazon, Apple, Topshop and ASOS provide reliable affiliate program.


Another great way to earn money from blogging is by sponsored posts or paid contents. Here, you can post a paid review about any product from a brand in exchange of money. Paid posts or reviews can be a great and hassle-free way to boost your monthly income. But the intention should be good and not to push the customers. For example, if you are talking about your day to day life in a blog, you can mention a particular product from a brand along with a brief review. Most of the bloggers, these days, use this way to make money from their blogs.


There is a saying – when you can do it good, don’t do it for free. If you are a blogger and you have a lot of followers too who love to get ideas from you and ask you different question about your niche, you can start consultation or coaching. This can be a great way to make some money while blogging. Ask your followers to register for your consultation class or coaching classes online with a fee. Make sure to provide a complete detailed post about what you are about to discuss in the online consultation or coaching class. Start by asking for a minimal registration fee and later you can increase it based on the demand and popularity.


Another reliable and great way to make money by blogging is through ad (advertisement) banners on your blog site. You can place these ad banners anywhere you want. Most commonly, they are used on the top of the blog page or at the sidebar. You can make money in two ways from these ad banners. One is – cost per click i.e. you will get money for every reader clicking on that ad banner. Another is – cost per thousand i.e. you will get the payment for every 1000 engagement or impression that ad banner get.


There are quite a few bloggers who have successfully parlayed their success of being a blogger into one of the major deals for publishing. One of the most eligible examples in this scenario is Mark Manson who has published a popular post in 2015. Later on, it was converted into a book and that book sold over 30 million copies all over USA. If you have a knack for writing and love to write books, then unleash your creative side and start writing.


The next thing that you can do is to sell freelance services. If you are a blogger, it is quite evident that you can be a great writer too. You can make lots of money by providing freelancing services like graphic designing, digital marketing and content writing. These services can bring a lot of money for you. The best part is that if you are popular blogger, people will already know who you are and that can tend to be helpful to get more freelance projects. Nowadays, many websites or companies hire writer for their guest post section. This is one of the reliable ways to make money from blogging.


These are some of the best ways that you can use for making money by blogging. Nowadays, blogs have become quite popular among people of different age groups. Hence, bloggers have a lot of opportunity to get money from advertising, paid posts, affiliate marketing and paid consultation services. With the advent of smart devices and internet, the bloggers have more and more options to reach as close as possible to their readers.