7 Best Blog Training Courses

Do you wish to step up your blogging and reach the zenith? For that, are you searching for the best blog training courses? Since you are here, we are assuming that you are in search of the best courses for blog training. You have arrived at the right place! In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the best blog courses that are available for you.

So, let’s just dive in.. we know that your time is so precious, that’s why we have listed down some of the best and top free blog training and courses that you can take. The courses we have covered will surely offer you the following things:

  • How to begin a blog
  • Skills needed to grow your online business.
  • How to get more traffic
  • SEO for the newbies
  • Google and Pinterest strategies for SEO.
  • Basics of graphic design and a lot more…

So, let’s begin…


The very first course on our list is Fast track. It is a five-day free course which teaches you everything about starting a blog.

Moreover, you’ll get to learn:

✓ How to select the correct domain and how to decide your niche.

✓How to establish your blog perfectly.

✓ The most effective SEO tips for beginners.

✓How to write shareable and valuable content.

✓ Most fruitful Pinterest tips for the Newbies.

Also, you’ll get to learn about growing your email list and the different ways by which you can monetize your blog. Also, you get access to the private Facebook group for beginners.


This course will teach you about branding yourself as a niche in your authority. You’ll get to learn a lot in this course, such as:

✓ How to do branding of your online business professionally.

✓ How to create your niche authority with practical steps.

✓ How to create consistency in your brand.

✓ The five very important elements of a good brand.

Most importantly, you’ll get to learn the basics of creating a blueprint of your business goals to achieve them. Also, in this course, you will learn about avoiding some of the costly branding mistakes.


This is a free course from Mike Pearson. This course offers the following things:

✓ It tells you about the importance of why SEO is one of the most powerful strategies to build the traffic of your website and the income as well.

✓ The top secrets to niching down.

✓ All that you wish to know about the domain authority and its importance.

✓ The two main things that you must consider before selecting a particular keyword.

This isn’t it, other than this, you’ll also get to know about making your content better so that it can rank on top of search engines.


Blogging is not only about getting traffic and SEO. It is much more than that. That’s why this course is right here to keep you updated with everything else. These legal courses include:

✓ The importance of the legal aspects of blogging and why you need to care for it.

✓ As a blogger all the legal requirements you have.

✓ The points of difference between a sole proprietorship and LLCs.

✓ How to keep your content safe and what do you mean by copyright.

✓ What exactly is GDPR and why do you need to obey

✓ How to keep a track of your taxes and income.

And so much more!!

Sign up for this right now because this is a must!! You need to know about the legal aspects of blogging.


This course offers almost everything under one roof, yes we can say that! The main offerings are :

✓Photoshopping skills

✓Book publishing

✓Website Development


✓Entrepreneurship and Freelancing

✓ Business

✓Graphic design and many more skills.

It is a two-week program and it offers you access to the premium membership as well.


This is one of the most effective training courses available for you. The tips, tricks and knowledge this course offers are just commendable. It will help in increasing your organic traffic.

Not only this, but also it offers a lot more, some of which we have mentioned below:

✓ You will get to learn three lessons of Pinterest from the fifth module of the course.

✓ You will also get an hour-long SEO training session. Isn’t it just great?


This training is offered through the video. This is the course of Apple Cart and it will teach you a lot of things about design.

The main goal of this course is to offer:

✓ A wide and deep look at the five very important rules of graphic design that a professional must follow.

✓ To give you an understanding of beginning with a plan is important if you wish to avoid the blank syndrome of the canvas.

✓ The most common design mistakes that bloggers make and how to avoid them.

And everything about designing.


Finally, we are at the end of this article on “Seven best blog training courses”. We hope you have enjoyed reading the blog. Also, we believe that you got to know all about the best training courses available.

But which course is best for you? See, this on you. But there are these things that you need to consider before taking a course are:

✓ Whether you are at a newbie, experienced or advanced level of blogging.

✓ What are your short goals in the field of blogging? For instance, if you wish to gain traffic then go for a course that focuses more on traffic.

We would recommend you to think about your goals in the first place and then go for the training course that matches your preferences the most.

So, what have you decided? Which course are you going to pursue? Let us know about that in the comment section. And yes, in case you still have any query, then feel free to ask, we’ll try to help you out.