10 Ways to Make Money as A Mom Blogger

Hey there, fellow moms and aspiring bloggers! Isn’t it incredible how our love for writing and parenting experiences can lead to some extra cash in our pockets? Who doesn’t love the idea of turning your passion into profit, all while being the superhero mom we already are? In this article, we’re diving into ten fantastic ways to make money as mom bloggers. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned blogger, these ideas can help you earn while you tell your tales.


Quick Tips:

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let me share some quick tips that have been lifesavers for many of us on this journey:

  1. Be Yourself: Your authenticity is your superpower. Readers trust you because they know you’re the real deal. Don’t lose that.
  2. Keep the Ink Flowing: Consistency is key in blogging. Regular updates keep your audience engaged and help you attract more readers.
  3. Spread Your Bets: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Explore different income streams to maximize your earnings.
  4. Network Like a Pro: Building relationships with fellow bloggers, brands, and influencers can open doors you never knew existed.
  5. Patience Pays Off: Just like managing the kids, success in blogging takes time. Stay persistent and keep at it. The reward will come.


10 Ways to Make Money as a Mom Blogger:

  1. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing, put, is your blogging sidekick. You partner with companies to promote their stuff, and when your readers buy through your special links, you get a cut. Easy. Choose products that genuinely float your boat, write content about them, and keep tabs on how you’re doing.

  1. Sponsored Content:

Sponsored content is like a treasure hunt. Companies pay you to write product or service reviews. Remember to pick brands that match your blog’s vibe, and always be upfront with your audience about sponsored content.

  1. Selling Digital Products:

If you’ve got some mom wisdom up your sleeve, turn it into e-books, printables, or online courses. Whether it’s meal planning tips or creative DIY projects, there’s always something people are willing to pay for.

  1. Freelance Writing:

Love words? Offer your writing talents to other blogs and websites. Put together a portfolio, network with fellow bloggers, and start pitching your skills.

  1. Product Reviews:

You know those products you adore? Reach out to the companies behind them and propose a review. Give honest opinions, make them thorough, and include affiliate links for a little extra dough.

  1. Ad Revenue:

Ad revenue is like pocket money for your blog. Join ad networks like Google AdSense, let them put ads on your site, and get paid for clicks and views. Tweak your ad placement and watch the cash roll in.

  1. Consultation Services:

Moms, we’ve got wisdom to spare. Offer consultation services in your niche. Define your expertise, set up a way for people to book sessions with you, and market your services through your blog and social media.

  1. Social Media Influence:

Leverage your growing social media presence. Collaborate with brands for sponsored posts and endorsements. Build your audience, keep them engaged, and get paid for your social media influence.

  1. Affiliate Marketing Networks:

Make your life easier by joining affiliate marketing networks. They hook you up with an array of products and services to promote. It’s like a shopping spree for your blog!

  1. Subscription Services:

Are you considering offering exclusive content to your readers? Consider subscription services like Patreon and Substack. They help you create a VIP club on your blog with special perks for paying members.



And there you have it, ladies! These ten money-making strategies can help you turn your mom’s blog into a machine. It might take time to happen, but with authenticity, consistency, and a little diversification, you can make your blog work for you, your family, and your passion.

Now, let’s take a look at a summary table to keep things organized:

Money-Making Method Description
1. Affiliate Marketing Promote products and earn a slice when your readers buy them.
2. Sponsored Content Team up with brands for paid blog posts and reviews.
3. Selling Digital Products Create and sell e-books, printables, or online courses.
4. Freelance Writing Offer your wordsmith skills to other websites and blogs.
5. Product Reviews Share your thoughts on products related to your blog’s vibe and earn money.
6. Ad Revenue Let ads grace your blog and pocket some cash per click or view.
7. Consultation Services Share your wisdom and get paid for one-on-one advice and assistance.
8. Social Media Influence Collaborate with brands for sponsored posts and endorsements.
9. Affiliate Marketing Networks Join networks that bring an array of products to promote.
10. Subscription Services Create a VIP club with exclusive content and perks for paying members.


So, which of these strategies are you excited to explore on your mom’s blogging journey? Remember, it’s all about combining your love for writing with some extra income. Enjoy the adventure!